Laverne Collins


Laverne Collins is a true southerner—Mississippi born and raised. He has witnessed colossal changes in the South, and though most changes have been positive, he knows that many simple, rural traditions have dwindled away. 


Born on Halloween to William and Doris Collins, Laverne grew up in Winston County, Mississippi. His love for the creative came early, as he is a descendent of a long line of story tellers.  His grandfather was an Assembly of God preacher and had a story for every situation and audience.  Like his mother and all of her siblings, Laverne inherited that gift, which included the unique ability to exaggerate a story to make it more interesting. 

An educational specialist, Laverne has a doctorates’ degree in educational administration. He has received numerous honors for his work in the field of education, and he has authored several academic publications. He retired in 1998, and he currently lives in Saltillo, MS, with his wife Patricia. They have two daughters and five grandchildren.


As a child, Laverne had a big imagination, and he enjoyed sharing stories, but it wasn’t until Laverne retired that his writing developed an earnest rhythm. Laverne writes from experience, and he often shapes characters around people he loves like his sister, Carolyn who appears in The Lock of Indian Springs. A true family man at heart, Laverne aspires to leave a legacy for his children and grandchildren, and in doing so, he hopes to preserve the nostalgia of Mississippi’s rural past.