Laverne Collins


Customer Testimonials

Simply stated, The Lock of Indian Springs is a delight to read. Collins opens a time capsule, taking his readers on a nostalgic journey through a simpler past. As a whole, the story encapsulates the essence of southern charm, interweaving struggles of family, society, and boyhood. From beginning to end, The Lock of Indian Springs captivates its readers.

- Kimberly Coghlan, Coghlan Professional Writing Services

The Lock of Indian Springs takes the reader back to the 60's in a rural area in Mississippi. The main character, Vern, is an 11 year old boy. The story revolves around his younger sister Carolyn, his parents, and extended family. A strong bond between Vern and his mother is a stabilizing influence in his life. Vern loves and respects his father, but sometimes he feels intimidated by him. However, that doesn't stop Vern from watching his Dad in his car repair shop. He begins to develop skills and is given the opportunity to recharge batteries and earn a little bit of money. Vern's relationship with his younger sister is typical of siblings. Sometimes they fight and other times they depend on each other to stay out of trouble Vern has adventures with his cousin James and sometimes there are consequences to pay. Vern has begun to listen carefully in church and knows he has told a few lies that he realizes are sins. He struggles with this and prays for forgiveness. It is refreshing to see that in spite of being poor, this is a close knit family and how they handle the hard times in life. Vern's father always tells him to "do the right thing" in life which he finds is not always easy. While reading, the reader will feel like a part of the family. Sometimes you find you have tears in your eyes and the next minute you are laughing. When the story ends, the reader is left with the feeling of wanting more. The author so aptly describes the setting, it makes the reader feel as if he/she is actually a part of the story. I strongly recommend this book for older teens and adults of all ages.

- Amazon Review, avidreader


The author's detailed descriptions of Indian Springs, Plattsburg and Louisville are so vividly accurate. These places are actual communities in rural Mississippi and he has truly captured life and the social customs during this time. His father; William, was as well thought of in this community as portrayed by Vern! This book brought back Pleasant memories of a time when people truly loved family & thy neighbor. I enjoyed reading this delightful book.

- Amazon Review, Donna Hardy